About Dual Threat Athletics

Julian   Tucker  | Founder & CEO| Played Football at University of South Dakota | Economics Major

Julian Tucker | Founder & CEO| Played Football at University of South Dakota | Economics Major

Dual Threat Athletics is a comprehensive, goal-oriented football program for athletes looking to advance their athletic potential. Our coaches believe in understanding our athletes’ goals and motivations to get them in the right mindset for success.

We focus on proper movement skills that translate to all sports and make our athletes more resistant to injury. In addition to hands-on training, our coaches utilize film to enable our athletes to see themselves and make corrections.

Our advanced training programs are position-specific, simple to use and designed to get our athletes through the playoffs successfully.

Dual Threat Athletics provides a community of like-minded athletes, experienced coaches and trainers, step-by-step instruction and physical training for our athletes to utilize toward their individual goals.

Meet Coach Julian Tucker

Julian Tucker is president and founder of Dual Threat Athletics. He started the business in 2014 while serving as an offensive coordinator and wide receiver coach at La Jolla High School in San Diego. He played college football on scholarship at the University of South Dakota after being an all-area high school quarterback in Illinois. His father played in the NFL with the Cowboys and Broncos. “I grew up playing football,” he says. “I was in pads when I was five.” Today, his passion is coaching and training student athletes, and it goes well beyond football. In fact, the name Dual Threat reflects Tucker’s philosophy in preparing student athletes for the real world. “Most people use the term ‘dual threat’ to describe a quarterback who can also run,” Tucker says. “In this business, it means an athlete who can also do something else; a football player who can do more than play football.”

Tucker was 16 when he tore cartilage in his knee in high school. He had just scored 28 touchdowns as a freshman running back promoted to the varsity at Schaumburg High School in Illinois. The injury occurred a week before the start of his sophomore season. “That was a dark time for me. That was the first time in my life I didn’t have football. That was when I started realizing the roller coaster that comes with being an athlete.” When he came back as a junior, he switched from running back to quarterback. As a senior, he quarterbacked the team to an 8-2 record and went to the second round of the playoffs. This led to his scholarship to South Dakota. But he’d already learned a valuable lesson.

“During my injury I got to meet Gale Sayers, the Hall of Fame running back of the Chicago Bears, whose great career was cut short by an injury. He told me: ‘Just like you prepare to play, you have to prepare to quit.’ Football won’t last forever. Athletes are entrepreneurs.” Tucker calls himself a “serial entrepreneur,” having started multiple businesses during his journey from football star to president of Dual Threat. He’s dabbled in real estate, marketing, entertainment and promotion. He even bought and sold mobile homes in college and rented them out to some of the football players. During three years as president of the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO) he grew the organization from three members to 25.

After moving to San Diego, he met Doug Brown, who was the president of the local Pop Warner program. Brown introduced him to others in the local football community, including former NFL player Jason Carter, who was running a high-powered passing attack at La Jolla High School. That led to Tucker coaching at the school. “Parents kept asking me if I conducted off-season training,” he says. “My passion was coaching and mentoring kids, and I felt I had something to offer. So, I got certified as a professional athletic trainer and launched this business.”